2022 EDC Company Meeting

2022 EDC Company Meeting

Each year we present the tenure pins to the EDC family. These pins represent the number of calendar years of service.

45 Year of Service George Gilbert
38 Year of Service Pam Wilkerson
31 Year of Service José Moncada
Virgil Brock
30   Year of Service Pamela Baccus
She gets $3,000.00
28 Years of Service Karen Brock
18 Years of Service Steven Miller
Moises Melendez
16  Years of Service Kelly McDaniel
15 Years of Service Sandra Ruiz
Matthew “Matt” Olmos
13 Years of Service Dagoberto “Bert” Rodriguez
11 Years of Service Timothy Barber
Bennie Brooks
10 Years of Service Christopher ‘Chris” Inman
Alirio “Antonio” Monge
They get $1,000.00 Each
9 – Years of Service Jose Ceja
Debbie Warren
Wesley “Bo” Quitta, Jr.
Luke Barber
7 Years of Service Alex Taylor
Christine Garcia
Earl Plummer.
Ross Hintz
6 Years of Service Laurel Morrell
Dora Vega
Chauny Graham
5 Years of Service Kendall Barber
“Trip” Williams
Alfredo Pena
4 Years of Service Lydia Kye
Gerry Thomas
Stephanie Hernandez
3 Years of Service Valerie Taylor
Arminio Neumann
Damian Espinoza
Nelson Delgado
2 Years of Service Dion Bell
Brian Mendez
Rudy Ruiz
Manuel Medrano
Thomas Arguijo
Eric Wagoner
1 Year of Service Edward Garcia II
Brian Arner
Ben Snyder
Mark Dominguez
Ryan Hintz
Mary Murphy
Itzel Perez
Hector Garcia
Victor Hernandez
Elaine Miller
Zephaney Tovar
Mark Thomas
Elizabeth Vanegas
Ricky Cavanaugh
Gary Bucek
Bryan Raulston
Eric Woodyard



Safe Driving Awards

1 Year Safe Driving $50.00 Virgil Brock
2 Year Safe Driving $100.00 Brian Mendez
Eric Wagoner
4 Year Safe Driving $200.00 Alfredo Gonzalez
Gerry Thomas
10 Year Safe Driving $500.00 Jose Moncada

All-Star Program

Each Branch wrote up the reason that person was chosen. Each one will get $250.00 and a Trophy. After the All-stars from the Branches are introduced – two more will be added to the team via popular vote.

The First All-Star person is from Houston:

Lydia Kye
Lydia has been the most outstanding employee for EDC Moving Systems – Houston for 2021. When trucks show up late or rolled to the next day or two, and routes have to be re-scheduled, not a peep out of Lydia. She manipulates, calls customers, reschedules, re-prints the routes, whatever it takes and nothing is said.

Sometimes as many as 20 routes per day during the summer. Never an argument. Just get it done is her motto! Not many people do that. No attitude, works late, if necessary, comes in early, and works through lunch. Lydia is the employee everyone wants on their team.

Our next All-Star Person representing Dallas:

Dora Vega
Dora Vega has been the most outstanding employee for EDC Moving Systems – Dallas for 2021. Dora is a Houston employee, and when the need arose for someone to step into the cabinet coordinator position for Dallas, Dora stepped up. She was very reluctant because she did not know the Dallas area, nor did she know cabinets. Through a lot of long hours, hard work, and wanting to pull her hair out (and she has a lot of it) Dora excelled.

She wanted to give up but kept on going and finally, she got it. Dallas is not an easy market, but she overcame the challenge. Thank you, Dora, for sticking it out in the worst of situations. She had the TEAM SPIRIT at heart.

The next All-Star Person is from San Antonio:

Christine Garcia
Christine works as our Sales and OA coordinator. She is responsible for cold calling on the leads she receives for O&I and some special projects. Chris also coordinates the survey requests for household goods and maintains Bo’s schedule for site visits. She is the first voice most of our new clients get to know and will work with on all aspects of their requested project. Chris is an integral asset to our daily operation in San Antonio, she is enthusiastic, and a consummate professional in every way. Chris is always willing to step in and assist with other admin duties, should we need extra help. She is a joy to work with, and Christine Garcia is an All-Star!

The next All-Star Person is from Austin:

Alex Taylor
Alex has been a valuable member of EDC and a team player all around. He is never afraid to jump in where needed, whether in the office or the warehouse. He has worn many hats over his time at EDC, but his precise nature and excellent record keeping have made him the perfect project manager. Alex serves each of our customers with thoroughness and prompt response.

The next All-Star Person representing Austin:

Ricky Cavanaugh
Ricky gets wonderful reviews wherever we send him. His accommodating and reassuring nature makes him a hit with all of his customers. We know when we send Ricky as a crew lead, everything will be done to the best of his ability. Through all of the unknown with Covid, Ricky has always happily agreed to do anything asked of him, and always has a smile on his face while doing it.

The next All-Star Person representing San Antonio:

Virgil Brock
Virgil is a tenured employee of 31 years with EDC. He is our long-haul driver and is always up for the task of whatever the job requires. He has a fantastic driving record and communicates well with the office on all job aspects. In 2021, Virgil saved EDC possibly thousands in claims due to his 30 years of experience. While picking up a non-temp shipment, he noticed that none of the furniture had been pad wrapped in the vaults, he took photos and alerted the Origin agent and our office so we could alert the Booker. Virgil spends a lot of hours on the road away from his family. He gives up his weekends and holidays to get the job done. Virgil Brock is an All-Star!

The next All-Star Person representing Dallas:

Nelson Delgado
He is always here, Nelson comes in early every day, (he is the first one to arrive and the last one to leave), he is loyal, he takes a leadership role, and sets himself as a role model for all other warehouse personnel. His commitment to the task at hand and his unique ability to adapt to every situation that is presented to him. He has demonstrated the ability to provide knowledge in his line of work and to train others so that the workflow of the warehouse runs more smoothly when needed. Nelson has a “can do” attitude – and he is pleasant to deal with it.

The next All-Star Person representing Houston:

Chris Inman
Chris Inman is the choice for a Team member for EDC Moving Systems – Houston. He has a job description of Warehouse Supervisor of Cabinets but that is not what Chris does. Chris will be here early, late, Saturday, or Sunday with never a question asked. He will be in cabinets, and furniture, deliver cabinets, help schedule where necessary, handle contractors’ routes, troubleshoot when necessary to help customer service with opportunities and the list goes on and on.

If asked to go to Dallas, or California – where ever,
he is ready to assist: His motto is – “Have pen will travel”
Each of you had the opportunity to vote for an All-Star Person from your Branch. The top two vote-getters were:

By Popular Vote – from San Antonio Chauny Graham
BY Popular Vote – from Houston Edward Garcia II


Thirty years ago, EDC established the President’s Club. This is a special Awards program to recognize those salespersons who booked over $1,000,000 in retained revenue with EDC. Or booked $1,000,000 with Atlas Van lines during 2021. Each Branch Manager that exceeds Profit Goals, that Branch Manager also makes the President’s Club. The winner is:

  • Steven Miller
  • Wesley “Bo” Quitta Jr.
  • Timothy Barber
  • Luke Barber
  • Matthew Olmos

This year the winners will also enjoy a trip to San Augustine Florida.



2nd Place goes to Houston
Ross Hintz

1st Place goes to Austin
Luke Barber


The winners of the 2021 branch profit awards are:

4th Place goes to Dallas =

3rd Place goes to Austin =

2nd Place goes to San Antonio =

1st Place goes to Houston =

Branch of the Year

Historically, this award recognizes the branch organization that has the highest score in many different categories. This Award is the highest Award a Branch can achieve. 2021 was a very difficult year because of the COVID virus. The Branches did not submit a Budget – therefore a lot of the category was not graded this past year. The selection was very difficult to determine the winner. For the First time, we have chosen to have all four Branches as winners of this Award. The winners are:

  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • San Antonio
  • Houston

The closing part of the program will be our given away of baskets. One of our traditions has become to give away these lovely Baskets (13) over there, I am going to draw names from this bucket and if your name is called you may go over and pick out the basket you want.

In our Final draw, we will have two winners for $500.00 each