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EDC Moving Systems will provide full packing services to you should you decide not to self pack or your employer authorizes that we perform this service for you. This means that we will assign an experienced pack crew to your relocation and all items to be packed will be packed, marked, tagged and inventoried.
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EDC Moving Systems will prepare a descriptive inventory of the shipment. The inventory will list your goods and note their condition. Since inventories are often used during the claim process, inspect your shipment carefully before signing anything. Make sure all boxes and items are accounted for at delivery. If there is obvious loss or damage, note this on the inventory at delivery and on any other form provided to you for check off. If any items are damaged during the move, the inventory and check off sheet will be used to determine when or where the damage occurred.


EDC’s packing teams are composed of experienced professional movers who have undergone training and background checks according to (TX HB705). EDC’s professional movers are experienced in packing and crating and we will ensure that you will have your items packed professionally and efficiently.


Upon their arrival, EDC packing teams will identify themselves to you and explain the procedure for your move. All movers will be in uniform at all times, always courteous and professional to you.


The most modern equipment available in the industry today supports EDC’s movers. Our fleet of air-ride tractors, trucks and trailers are maintained regularly for dependable service. Special loading equipment is available to our movers, if required for a move.


Our warehouses are clean and secure (with monitored burglar /fire alarm systems) and meet the rigid criteria required for storing the household goods of U.S. Military personnel. We store household goods in vaults and placed into the warehouse. IMPORTANT: An inventory will be made of your shipment and accountability will follow every phase of the move.

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Know your Mover


Under Texas law, anyone offering to perform a moving service for hire must be registered with TxDMV. To verify whether your mover is properly registered, check the status of the mover’s motor carrier registration – or contact Texas DMV at (888) 369-4689

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  • Contact EDC for your carton, paper and tape needs
  • Plan how you will pack. Pack items first that you know you will not need.
  • Start packing as soon as you find out that you’re moving. Waiting until the last minute could cause you some un-needed stress.
  • Never pack flammable items or non-allowable items (items such as liquids, perishables, etc).
  • List contents and room on the outside of the carton (use a large black marker).
    Clearly mark “Fragile” on the outside of cartons.
  • Use clean newsprint paper. Old newspapers may work, but use them carefully because the ink may rub off onto your items. Clean “newsprint” paper is available from EDC.
  • Write “Open First” on cartons containing essential items such as cooking utensils, toiletries, etc.
  • Pack breakables and non-breakables separately.
  • Pack all cartons as tight as possible to prevent damage.
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Our warehouses are clean and secure (with monitored burglar/fire alarm systems) and meets the rigid criteria required for storing the household goods of U.S. Military personnel.
Storage for a household goods move may be required in a couple of different ways:

Permanent Storage – required if you are going to be in storage for more than 6 months. You are moving and want to put partial or everything in storage until plans are made as to your future home or moving overseas and storing everything until your return to the States. A lot of different scenarios could apply here.

SIT – Storage in Transit – temporary storage while shipment is in transit from origin to destination. Home is not ready to move into at destination, must leave town before your home sells, again any scenario could apply here.

In both situations your household goods will be stored in vaults and stored at the warehouse until a driver has been assigned to load your shipment for delivery to destination. In some instances your household goods may be stored at destination and then delivered.

IMPORTANT: An inventory will be made upon loading of your shipment and accountability will follow every phase of the move.


Your household goods may be stored in one of our facilities in sealed wooden containers (6 x 7 x 8), with built in pallets that keep your belongings 6 inches off the ground. Inside these containers your valuable furniture pieces are well padded and protected. In addition, we inspect items being placed into storage and refuse goods that are hazardous or that appear to be infested. Note: Your nice over-stuffed furnishings (sofa, loveseat, recliner, etc.) may be stretch wrapped and protected in the over-stuffed section of our facility.

Corporate Relocation Services

Corporate Relocation

EDC Moving Systems has been in the business of relocating employees and their families since 1976. Today, we are a leading provider of domestic and international household goods moving for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are relocating one employee or planning a large Corporate move, EDC Moving Systems has a quality-driven process designed to put the transferring individual and their family totally at ease regarding their move experience.

Our Full Service Solution includes:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Move consultation – Employee presentation
  • Move management
  • Group moves
  • Household goods relocation
  • Short & Long Term Storage solutions
  • International relocations
  • Policy Development and Benchmarking
  • Policy and Expense Administration
  • Pre-Marketing and Home-Sale Solutions
  • Home Finding and Rental Assistance
  • Temporary Living Management
  • Relocation Travel Management
  • Other relocation services such as mortgages, home finding, destination services and more

Having EDC Moving Systems on your team means all your relocation needs will be met!

Corporate Relocation Services
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International Moving


Finding international movers in Houston, TX isn’t difficult. Finding “Experienced” International Movers in Houston, Tx is a challenge. There are many challenges associated with international moves that aren’t present with a domestic move. Passports, visas, medical records, financial and insurance matters – these are just a few. Finding the right international moving and storage company is critical to the success of your relocation.

Throughout an international move, you need a reliable partner and single source of contact to address your concerns and answer your questions. That trusted ally is EDC Moving Systems.

As your international moving company, we manage every last detail of your move, ensuring a seamless transition. Moving overseas is an exciting time filled with anticipation. However, it’s also a strange new world with unfamiliar surroundings, which is why you need a friendly face throughout the relocation process: EDC Moving Systems.

How to get the most accurate estimate for your move

During the pre-move survey, follow these 5 guidelines:

  • Before the estimator arrives, decide which items you intend to ship and what you want to store.
  • Take the estimator to every part of your home – even the attic and crawl space
    Point out items that need special handling or crating
  • Show which items you want to ship by sea, those to ship by air, and those intended for storage
  • Explain to the estimator what special access considerations may apply at your new residence (Stairs? Elevator? Narrow street?)

One or our sales representatives will design a custom move plan for your journey, outfitted with the necessary moving services. Some of our international moving services include:

  • Full-service packing
  • Custom-crating
  • Packing materials
  • Unpacking and debris removal
  • Storage options
  • Vehicle shipping
  • Customs clearance
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Destination services

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