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We are waiting for the opportunity to provide you with a free on-site estimate. Relocating an office with as little disruption as possible requires special planning, thoughtful coordination and meticulous attention to detail. EDC Moving Systems will provide you that “Peace of Mind”. We will show you how to plan an office move and we are dedicated to just one thing - making your office move as smooth as possible.
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Your business relocation is our business.

With over 50 years’ of experience in commercial moving, we offer you the best services in the industry. We know how to relocate any business organization, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Corporate Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Libraries
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Government Facilities

At EDC, we are the best in Move Management, Project Management and have state-of-the-art moving equipment and professional movers who know how to plan, coordinate, and complete a move. We are committed to keeping things running on schedule and giving you “Peace of Mind.” Another reason to choose EDC is that we will provide you with a Certificate of Insurance.

Our Goal Is To Provide Innovative And Cost-effective, Expert Moving Services

With nearly 400,000 square feet of warehouse space in our four locations in Texas, we can easily accommodate any statewide move. Also, as an Agent for Atlas Van Lines, we have a relationship with agents throughout the entire country who can provide quality service for your interstate moves.

Our goal is to provide innovative and cost-effective, expert services, meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations. We are constantly seeking ways to improve these services. One of the ways we may be able to help you is, all EDC Locations have a Bilingual Customer Service Representatives who can help you with Your Moving Requirements.

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Office Moving Services

Labeling is the most important part of the pre-move phase. Each employee or work area will be assigned a number and color. Moving tags will have to be affixed to all items to be moved. Your move consultant will instruct your staff on the proper method of affixing moving tags to furniture, boxes, cabinets, etc. We will also supply “DO NOT MOVE” tags for furniture and effects not included in the relocation.

In addition, we will train your personnel, during a pre-move planning meeting, to help you create furniture layouts for each office/ work area to ensure proper placement of items within areas and avoid “double-handling”. We can provide for you, for that “Peace of Mind”, any of the following:

  • Expert packing and unpacking services
  • Custom cartons and labels provided
  • Artwork and glass are packed and handled in special picture carts
  • Fragile items will be handled as necessary to assure proper movement


All computers must be disconnected and secured before movement can occur. EDC utilizes a disciplined approach when relocating sensitive and valuable IT equipment/electronics for your organization. Your IT personnel must back up all systems and bring the system down before everything can be disconnected. Should you not have on staff personnel to accomplish this, we can facilitate securing that service for you.

The keyboard, mouse, wires and other peripheral items will be placed in clear plastic computer bags labeled with the designated destination tag visible. The CPU, Printers, Fax machines, etc., for each workstation must all be tagged with the same number assigned to that station. This will insure the proper placement at destination.

Carts will be utilized for moving computers, with all peripheral items by tag number, to facilitate ease of placement at destination.

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EDC‘s furniture specialists can disassemble and reassemble your existing workstations to conform to your new location. Our specialists are qualified installers of:

  • Steelcase
  • Hon
  • Haworth
  • Herman Miller
  • Knoll

Conference tables, depending on the style, will also have to be disassembled and reassembled.


Our service personnel assure that all your products are properly handled and installed according to manufacturer specifications. Our installation technicians are knowledgeable of all major furniture manufacturers such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, Kimball, Hon, and Teknion. Whether it’s a major project or daily service requests, our personnel will complete each assignment to your satisfaction. Whether you need to make a few changes to your existing furniture or reconfigure a whole floor, our Experienced Project Managers can meet with you to plan the most effective utilization of your existing furniture and space. Our installation group is available to provide daily on-going support. We can quickly handle emergency situations that may arise within your facility.

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The sales person or Project Manager will hold a Pre-Move Training class. Several days prior to the move, at the Training classes, each employee receives instruction on what to move and where to tag items. This Free onsite class gives information about the move, new location plans, box labels, and instructions on how to pack, and what to pack. Should questions or problems arise, we include extensive “who to call” lists and make ourselves available via phone or email. Throughout the move, we’re on-site, roaming the facility to answer questions and soothe rattled nerves.

In these on site workshops, with your key personnel, we will discuss general move preparations:

  • Packing
  • Tagging
  • How to pack glass and other breakable items
  • What to pack first
  • Special needs


After the move is complete, the key employees should conduct a walk through with the Supervisor, of the move, to make sure that everything is in place. This will make your employees and customers feel welcomed at the new facility.

  • Set a moving date, and advise your current and future landlord.
  • Create a moving task force. This should consist of key employees to guide movers during the day of the move.
  • Determine the space and design of your new facility. You want to make sure that all your furniture, new and used will fit at the new location.
  • Make an inventory of items that will not be needed at the new location and toss them out. The moving company can do the disposal of these items.
  • Contact EDC MOVING SYSTEMS, check our references, and obtain a FREE estimate from our experienced EDC Move Consultant. It is never too early to start gathering information.
  • Make your current clients aware of your upcoming move and have the receptionist integrate a message when answering phone calls or greeting customers advising them of the move as well.
  • Arrange for changes on letterheads, envelopes, invoices, statements, business cards and your website. This is an excellent way of revising or modernizing the way customers view your company.
  • Contact your current utility companies and make sure that everything is ready at the new location before move-in day.
  • Contact appropriate vendors to service your computers, copiers, and any other processing equipment before the move.
  • Review all insurance requirements with your current and future properties.
    Allow EDC MOVING SYSTEMS to conduct a move class for your key employees.
  • Label all the items in each office to coordinate in which office they will go into at the new location. Each employee should pack his/her office to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Create a floor plan for the new location; make sure that the Supervisor of the move has a copy to create a smoother move.
  • Provide employees with an orientation of the new facility. This is good time to offer guidelines of any new procedures or company policies.


To assure the secure and timely relocation of files, folders and books, lab equipment, EDC utilizes specialized Library carts and wooden gondolas. This specialized equipment will minimize the time it takes to move these items. We have extensive experience in handling large file/ book, and lab moves.

The following is an example of how EDC will create an efficient file/ library relocation plan for your company:

  • Project Manager will meet with your records management personnel to analyze filing system and review floor plans at your new location.
  • Project Manager will assign colors to departments using floor plans at destination.
  • Project Manager will assign a number to each file cabinet or bookcase within a department. This number will be placed on the library cart that will hold the contents of the cabinet.
  • Project Manager will assign letters to the individual shelves. Individual shelves are marked A-D or A-F (top to bottom).
  • All packing of files onto library carts will be done from “left to right” and unpacked at the new location from “left to right”.
  • All library carts will be shrink wrapped after they’re packed for safety and protection.

Lab moves can be facilitated in the same manner. Just think shelves instead of files. Items can be placed the same way and transported whether on a file cart or gondola

Corporate Relocation Services

Professional Movers

EDC is committed to protecting the office buildings that we’re relocating customers in and out of. This ensures our future in the industry. Many inexperienced moving companies, too concerned with getting a move done quickly and with inexperienced office movers, damage walls or carpets in buildings during the move. As part of our pledge to provide the highest quality relocation services, EDC takes great care and concern to eliminate common damage problems in buildings.

  • Protect your new carpeting/flooring by placing ¼ inch masonite on the hallway floors.
  • Protect doorways by fastening corner protection to the door jambs.
  • Protect walls with Coroplast using blue construction tape
  • Artwork, mirrors and fragile pieces are packed and handled special

In addition, EDC maintains a broad General Liability insurance program of $4,000,000.00, insuring our liability to the relocation customer and public alike. We will provide certificates of insurance to the Building Management.


When you have high-value products, which require secure, efficient and timely transport, EDC Moving Systems is the superior choice to handle and transport your shipment.

When moving high-value products, secure and safe transport is one of the top concerns. We use a specialized, state-of-the-art, Air-Ride, fleet of trucks and trailers to transport valuable items. Your high-value items may have to be created and packed according to stringent standards to ensure their full protection during transit.

EDC truly has your customized solution for moving high-value products in Texas. We are the experts at the specialized transport of valuable or sensitive goods with the necessary equipment, personnel and resources for high-value shipping.


Training classes are a vital part of our everyday existence here at EDC. Whether we have a new employee or a new experience, we train the movers before they show up at your move. The educated mover delivers a stress free move. EDC holds weekly Training classes with all employees. Guest speakers are often brought in to teach a specific area of Safety and working with customers.

EDC is located in four major cities. We have locations in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. Each location deals with special situations and requirements that are unique to each city. EDC has developed specialized training that applies to each Location.
Training our people is a directive set by the President of our Company and requires weekly reports to him to confirm that each office is meeting their training requirements.

Moving Equipment

Speeds the moving process and minimizes handling

Specifically designed to accommodate lateral filing cabinets

Handles large or elaborate executive desks and credenzas safely and easily

Keeps books, binders, and files in order and organized, eliminating the inconvenience of packing and unpacking

Designed and sized to protect computer and electronic equipment so there’s no need to disassemble or pack them

Lift and transports office safes and other heavy equipment

Provides compact, efficient transport of modular paneling

Protects odd-sized or fragile objects such as artwork, pictures or plants




Storage is a requirement of some office moves. Excess items, downsizing, remodeling or just have too much. Here at EDC we have options available that will meet every need. We store items in several different media:

  • Vaults (sealed wooden containers (6 x 7 x 8)
  • Palletized, stretch wrapped if possible, and placed on racks
  • Open storage charged by the foot.


Today’s world demands accurate and timely information and EDC is prepared to meet that demand through the use of our current technology in warehouse management. With our detailed and specifically tailored barcode system, each customer that stores their goods in our warehouse space, has the assurance that their items are tracked from the moment they are delivered to our dock, to the time when they are stored, and finally, when they are delivered to their final destination.

EDC started using bar-code tracking in 1985; we are not new at inventory control.


EDC Movers puts the green back into commercial moving. We are “future capable” by providing a higher level of environmentally sustainable methods.

  • Band and recycle cardboard
  • Sort all scrap metal, plastic and glass for recycling
  • Consolidating truckloads by route creates fuel conservation
  • Electric lift gates, that don’t need the engine running
  • Moving pads made of 100% recycled cotton.


Fire and Burglary Protection Systems protect all storage facilities of EDC. Our facilities are protected 24 hours a day and are connected directly to local police and fire departments, and are also equipped with an insurance approved sprinkler system. Video surveillance is used at exit points.

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