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Storage - Vaults, Containers and Racks

Storage is a requirement of some office moves.  Excess items, downsizing, remodeling or just have too much.  Here at EDC we have options available that will meet every need.  We store items in several different media:

  • Vaults (sealed wooden containers (6 x 7 x 8)
  • Palletized, stretch wrapped if possible, and placed on racks
  • Open storage charged by the foot.

Records Storage

EDC is equipped to handle all of your file storage and record management needs.

Outsourcing your records management can produce numerous benefits to your organization:

  • Concentrate on your core business competencies
  • EDC office moversEliminate office labor costs associated with file management.
  • Find records easier and more quickly.
  • Utilize valuable office space more effectively.

EDC offers a wide spectrum of record management services:

  • Bar-coding Inventory and Database Management
  • Standard & Emergency File Delivery Services
  • Detailed File Activity Reporting
  • On Site & Off Site Destruction Services
  • Complete Line of Storage Supplies

Computerized Bar Coded Inventory

Today’s world demands accurate and timely information and EDC is prepared to meet that demand through the use of our current technology in warehouse management. With our detailed and specifically tailored barcode system, each customer, that stores their goods in our warehouse space, has the assurance that their items are tracked from the moment they are delivered to our dock, to the time when they are stored, and finally, when they deliver out to their final destination.

EDC started using bar-code tracking in 1985; we are not new at inventory control.

Sprinkler Systems/Security Monitoring

Fire and Burglary Protection Systems protect all storage facilities of EDC. Our facilities are protected 24 hours a day and are connected directly to local police and fire departments, and are also equipped with an insurance approved sprinkler system. Video surveillance is used at exit points.


Environmentally FriendlyEDC Movers puts the green back into commercial moving. We are “future capable” by providing a higher level of environmentally sustainable methods.

  • Band and recycle cardboard
  • Sort all scrap metal, plastic and glass for recycling
  • Consolidating truckloads by route creates fuel conservation
  • Electric lift gates, that don’t need the engine running
  • Moving pads made of 100% recycled cotton.


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