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Services to get the Job Done


EDC will call your customers to schedule a delivery or pickup. We use an automated computerized phone to make the first attempt to contact the customer.  We will try to call the customer three times and then contact you to let you know the status.  We can mail out a post card when we cannot get any telephone response. 


EDC has invested in an imaging system that allows us to scan all delivery documents and attach those images to the order in our Logistics Management system. This means that if a Proof of Delivery (POD) document is needed, it can be retrieved and emailed in a matter of seconds.  All load/delivery teams are equipped with telephones capable of messaging and GPS (global positioning system) tracking.  EDC remains in contact at all times with our load/delivery teams.


The EDC trucks are all less that five years old and all have lift gates.  We can arrange for vans with overhead cranes, vans with climate controlled environments and all the specialized handling equipment needed for one shipment or for repeated moves.

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