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Professional Movers

Protection of premises and valuable items

EDC is committed to protecting the office buildings that we're relocating customers in and out of. This insures our future in the industry.  Many inexperienced moving companies, too concerned with getting a move done quickly and with inexperienced office movers, damage walls or carpets in buildings during the move. As part of our pledge to provide the highest quality relocation services, EDC takes great care and concern to eliminate common damage problems in buildings.

  • Protect your new carpeting/flooring by placing ¼ inch masonite on the hallway floors.
  • Protect doorways by fastening corner protection to the doorjambs.
  • Protect walls with Corroplast using blue construction tape
  • Artwork, mirrors and fragile pieces are packed and handled special

Securing computersIn addition, EDC maintains a broad General Liability insurance program of $4,000,000.00, insuring our liability to the relocation customer and public alike. We will provide certificates of insurance to the Building Management.

Transportation of High Value Items

When you have high-value products, which require secure, efficient and timely transport, EDC Moving Systems is the superior choice to handle and transport your shipment.

When moving high-value products, secure and safe transport is one of the top concerns. We use a specialized, state-of-the-art, Air-Ride, fleet of trucks and trailers to transport valuable items. Your high-value items may have to be crated and packed according to stringent standards to ensure their full protection during transit.

EDC truly has your customized solution for moving high-value products in Texas. We are the experts at the specialized transport of valuable or sensitive goods with the necessary equipment, personnel and resources for high-value shipping.

Experienced Moving Professionals

Training ClassTraining classes are a vital part of our everyday existence here at EDC.  Whether we have a new employee or a new experience, we train the movers before they show up at you move.  The educated mover delivers a stress free move. EDC holds weekly Training classes with all employees. Guest speakers are often brought in to teach a specific area of Safety and working with customers. 

EDC is located in four major cities. We have locations in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.  Each location deals with special situations and requirements that are unique to each city.  EDC has developed specialized training that applies to each Location. 

Training our people is a directive set by the President of our Company and requires weekly reports to him to confirm that each office is meeting their training requirements.

Full time employee Movers

All moving teams are comprised of employees and contractors who have undergone training and background. Additionally, all movers will be in uniform at all times.

Moving Equipment Requirements

Speeds the moving process and minimizes handling


Provides compact, efficient transport of modular paneling
Specifically designed to accommodate lateral filing cabinets
  Tub CartTUB CART
Protects odd-sized or fragile objects such as artwork, pictures or plants
Keeps books, binders, and files in order and organized, eliminating the inconvenience of packing and unpacking
  Executive DollyEXECUTIVE DOLLY
Handles large or elaborate executive desks and credenzas safely and easily
Designed and sized to protect computer and electronic equipment so there's no need to disassemble or pack them
  Safe JacksSAFE JACKS
Lift and transports office safes and other heavy equipment


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