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San Antonio Employee of The year


Vicky Alex

Kelly McDanielThe 2015 San Antonio employee of the year is Vicky Alex.

“Vicky is a whirlwind of positive activity.  She has involved herself in every aspect of our household goods operation.  She was hired in April of 1998 to be the HHG customer service rep coming to us with over 20 years experience.  She has far surpassed this inadequate description of her position.  She is totally aware of everything going on with all household goods shipments, from dispatch to the warehouse to the drivers to the sales people to the customers to the carriers to the joint personal property shipping office.  She has done this herself with her involvement and interest in everything we do.  We find her an invaluable member of this branch. Even though she doesn’t think her achievements are any big deal. She is a perfect example of what team work is.”

I wrote the above note about Vicky when she was our “All Star” back in 2000 and 2001.  15 years later she is still a whirlwind of activity and production, she never seems to slow down!  Some days I have to force her to go home. I believe she would live here, if we let her have her cats with her.

Saying Vicky is an integral part of our operation is almost an understatement.  Without Vicky, Gary would not have had the ability to be out of the office so much, over the last half a dozen years.  While he was managing other branches and driving back and forth around Texas, she was here manning the household goods department and managing dispatch and the drivers and carriers.

When CDS came to us many years ago, she added that to her work load, as well.  I finally convinced her that she needed an assistant and couldn’t do it all by herself.  She would still try to, however! She manages all the customer service aspect of CDS, along with the billing and the operation and loading of their scanners. She talks to all the drivers, the builders, the window contractors, the customer’s CSR folks and worries about every delivery we do.

Vicky treats every shipment, no matter how big or small, whether it is one cabinet or 30,000 lbs. of household goods, as if it was the only one we had.  

If, you looked in the dictionary for a description of a team player, you would find Vicky’s picture there!

I am extremely proud to name Vicky Alex as our employee of the year for 2015.  Without her the San Antonio branch would be much less than it is today.

Thank you Vicky for all you do!

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