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Photo Gallery & Testimonials

Explaining options for moving
Sales person explaining options for moving.


"I was very impressed with the quality of your moving crew - very professional, personable, focused, and efficient. A great experience"


Dallas, TX

The service that we received has been great.  We received a timely estimate and the people that moved us were great. Would recommend EDC any time"

Mary Ann M.
Houston, TX

"Arrived on time, polite, made sure to keep floors and rug clean, overcame several obstacles relating to my move.  THANKS!"
Linda A.
San Antonio, TX

"Marvelous Service.  The driver and crew were courteous and thorough.  THANKS "

Jane D.

Austin, TX

"Harvey and crew were very organized and careful with my household goods.  This is my 3rd move and I found it to have been the best.  Thanks!"

Jim & Karri P.

San Antonio, TX

"EDC is the best mover I've ever used.  I can't thank you enough for the great service and the affordable price."

Nicole J.

San Antonio

Thank you my favorite EDC Movers, Jorge, Marlene, and Juan.  Great Job. Stress free is what all customers deserve. I tell you EDC Moving Systems is the very BEST.  Excellence is what we, the loyal customers deserve. Believe me even my husband was in total shock on how organized and  considerate your crew was in moving in and out. Oh, they even helped solved impossible problems such as taking extra precautions with our refrigerator. Our entry into the kitchen has limestone on both sides and was not wide enough so they had to unwrap refrigerator , take the handles out, wrap it again, and presto “magic”; nice and easy all done. They worked so expertly and so efficiently that we just stood back and let them have at it, and we have no regrets. We will definitely continue to seek your business and spread the Wonderful News EDC makes with commitment and lots of honest action. Thank you. Thank you.

Praise the Lord! Rudy & Aide, Houston, TX

Full time Packers with years of experience.

EDC is an agent for Atlas Van Lines

EDC is an agent for Atlas Van Lines. We have

lift gate trucks to assist in your moving needs.

Loading furniture on the Truck

Professional movers with years of experience

loading furniture on a truck for the relocation.

EDC can handle you job move, large or small call us.

Regardless of the size of your move, EDC has the

correct equipment.



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