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Free On-Site Estimate

We are here to help you have a stress free move.  Let our Professional give you a free on-site survey.

The first step in planning a successful commercial move is to conduct a detailed site survey of your origin and destination locations.  An assessment will be made as to the services you require, such as:

  • Computer disconnect/reconnect
  • Systems furniture disassembly/reassembly
  • Space planning for expanding or downsizing
  • Logistics of the physical move
  • Coordination between building management
  • Prepare a detailed cube sheet of all items to be moved (including dimensions, weight, etc.). This will help us determine the time, labor and vehicles necessary to accomplish the move with maximum efficiency
  • Learn about specific needs, issues and concerns relating to your business that may affect the progress of the move
  • Analyze the most effective routes to exit your existing space and enter your new location

The site survey will help us develop an accurate assessment of the charges associated with your move. A written cost estimate and proposal will then be submitted to you covering all aspects of your move.

Project Management

Project Manager

EDC can provide on-site project management and supervision, from the smallest to the largest, most complex relocation project.  Project management can start at the moment you know you are going to move.  Contact our office for an Experienced Project Manager to be assigned to your relocation and the process will begin. 

We adhere to a strict protocol for managing our commercial relocation projects:  

  • A Project Manager will be assigned to oversee the entire relocation.
  • Project Manager will be responsible for making various site visits to each location and will determine the best crews and equipment to accomplish the move.
  • Project Manager will set up 'pre' and 'post' move meetings to eliminate any problems that could occur during and after each phase of your relocation.
  • The Project Manager will have supervisors/lead men designated to the origin site, as well as the destination site, as required.
  • Each supervisor/lead man will be in charge of their own site, thus allowing the Project Manager to flow between both sites.
  • All moving teams are comprised of employees and contractors who have undergone training and background checks.   Additionally, all movers will be in uniform at all times.
  • All responsible personnel will be equipped with Nextel's (two-way radios).

Move Management can be as simple or as complex as the office relocation requires.  Our Experienced Project Managers will be a resource to you and can be a liaison between the contractor, telephone/computer installers, space planners, etc., etc.  The key to a successful move is the pre-planning, as outlined in the EDC Moving Checklist, and coordination before the relocation actually begins.

Move Management

Based on the information gathered during the site survey, your EDC Project Manager will develop a move schedule with a detailed timeline that explains our recommendations for performing the move in the most efficient manner. The move schedule will establish the number of days and times required for carton deliveries, packing, the main move and smooth set, all phases of the move.   A move manager will help you make your move successful. How to plan for a move.

Create a Move Plan

Let us assist in the development of a Move Plan. When we are awarded the job we will help you create a timeline that will allow for all the necessary stages of your move. This will need to be discussed with the rest of your moving team or with the managers and supervisors to ensure that it is feasible. For a small office, you'll need at least three months to prepare, and for a medium to large office, at least six to eight months. The key is to start as early as possible. As always, there are exceptions to the rule.

With the use of blue prints or floor layouts we can help organize as well as create a move sequence. We can assist in appointing someone from each department or division (a Move Committee) to coordinate his or her particular area. This is to ensure that each employee takes responsibility for packing his or her desk, files and personal items.

We can assist in setting regular meetings and make sure that employees are notified of meeting details. It is important to keep everyone informed to limit any worries or concerns; moving is stressful for everyone involved, especially if decisions are not being communicated. Creating a Move plan can take a lot of time.

Have your moving committee create a list of tasks that need to be completed, and make sure they are added to the timeline/schedule. Ask each department manager or supervisor what is required from his or her area. Make sure you appoint someone to oversee the common areas, such as the reception area, lobby, and storage areas.


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