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Estimates in Person

A trained, experienced EDC move consultant will visit your home for a complete, accurate, no obligation estimate.  Every consumer should request a thorough written estimate based on a personal visit from a professional move consultant before the move.


EDC Moving Systems will provide you with a binding estimate for your moveThe Texas Department of Motor Vehicles requires that your intrastate mover must provide a written proposal describing the services to be performed, goods to be moved and what is being charged, as a binding or not-to-exceed fee. A binding proposal states the exact price of the move. A not-to-exceed proposal states the maximum price of the move, but allows the mover to charge less than the maximum. Interstate moves are governed by different rules than intrastate. There are three types of pricing. These include a “Guaranteed Price”, “Not to Exceed” and “Actual weight and Services”. It is recommended that a move consultant visit with you in your home in all cases so that proper expectations are set in person.


Our Professional Move Consultant will provide you with a free in-home estimate and devise your customized move plan. He/she will review with you the articles that we will not move and explain the valuation/insurance options.  After a complete and thorough evaluation of your residence you will be give a written estimate.


ChecklistWith any move, planning is the most important part. Total coordination of your move begins with one of our professional moving consultant who will select the services that best fit your needs, whether your move is local or long distance. Each of our professional move consultants has been trained to make your move a pleasant experience. EDC Moving Systems will do everything in our power to ensure a well-planned and executed relocation.


  • Before selecting a Long Distance moving company know your Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Use only a registered Mover for all of your moves.
  • Request and even demand a written Estimate. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise.
  • Read and understand all information provided by your mover.

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