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David Erickson

David EricksonThe 2016 Houston “Employee of the Year” is David Erickson. 

David started with EDC Moving Systems-Houston in August of 2015 as Customer Service Representative.  David had no prior experience in the moving industry and came in eager and aggressive to learn from the ground up in all aspects of our industry.  Household goods, furniture, cabinets, special products, you name it he has learned and done a remarkable job.

You will not find a person that is better suited for this position than David.  He will write a dissertation on what happened about any situation.  You will get bored just reading the notes and want to agree with him, just to keep from reading the detail.  He will have pages and footnotes and references to no end, there will not be any detail left unturned. Sometimes we just say, David, let it go, but he doesn’t, he is like the energizer bunny, he takes a licking and keeps on ticking.  His thoroughness to detail of dealing with our customers has landed him the position for a life time.  David will go out in the field when necessary to perform site inspections, survey’s and excellent in public relations with the customer.  David has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  He is a great asset to the company and we have been blessed by his tenure here at EDC Moving Systems.

Here is a list of previous winners for the Employee of the Year for the Houston Branch:

Adam Truex, Chris Inman, Ken McCorkel, Gail Noel, Jaime Alas, Barbara Nulph, William Cornejo, Wendy Helms and Earl Plummer



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