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Houston Employee of The year


Adam Truex

Chris InmanThe 2015 Houston “Employee of the Year” is Adam Truex. 

Adam Truex is without a doubt the employee of the year for Houston EDC.  Adam single handedly changed many of the procedures for out cabinet division.  He not only changed procedures he also helped to increase pertinent documentation that helped manage the account.

He has reduced the total number of man hours and increased the volume of work at the same time.  He has helped with bringing in new clients and communicating with them on a daily basis while increasing the output of the delivery trucks.

Many times over the last year you could find Adam at work on a Saturday or a Sunday to ensure our clients receive their cabinets according to schedule.  At times the cabinets would be inbound and be late from the foreign carrier.  Adam would somehow figure out how to keep the schedule for delivery.  Many times he would have one or two cabinets or parts delivered separately to keep the customer happy.

During the course of this past year Adam has also traveled to Dallas and spent three months helping our office there to improve procedures.  He was away from his family and never once complained as he met the task that was at hand.  Later in the year he traveled to Austin and is currently helping with procedures in our Austin branch.  He has brought positive energy and excitement to our company as he has helped us to grow.

He exemplifies EDC core values; Honesty, Integrity, and Character.  His hard work and loyalty have not gone unnoticed from management and our customers.  He is “over the top” and we are very proud that he is the recipient of the Houston employee of the year award.

Here is a list of previous winners for the Employee of the Year for the Houston Branch:

Chris Inman, Ken McCorkel, Gail Noel, Jaime Alas, Barbara Nulph, William Cornejo, Wendy Helms and Earl Plummer



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