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Dallas Employee of The year


Karyn Flynn

Karyn FlynnThe 2016 Dallas employee of the year is Karyn Flynn.

Karyn Flynn came to EDC in Houston on 11/4/2013 as a Customer Service/Scheduler for our cabinet distribution division.  She became very familiar with the aspects of scheduling, routing, dispatching the drivers and driver concerns throughout the day.  She is excellent with handling claims and returns.  There was not anything that came across her desk that she could not figure out. In June of 2015, EDC needed a person in the Carrollton office to handle cabinets and our Z-Gallerie, remote furniture accounts so, without any concerns of her ability to handle the job, we moved Karyn to Carrollton.  She manages about 30 different remote locations across the country from our Carrollton office.  She has traveled to different locations to help set up the new stores for Z-Gallerie.  Karyn is our go-to person for all of Z-Gallerie across the country.

Karyn has mastered excel with great speed and accuracy.  It would be hard to find any that could exceed her knowledge and expertise of this program which is crucial in this job.

Karyn is a great asset to our company and we are grateful and blessed to have her as a part of our team.  We look forward to a long relationship with Karyn.  Job well done!  Congratulations!

Here is a list of previous winners for the Dallas Branch Employee of the Year

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