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Dallas Employee of The year


Darryl Tolor

Steve MillerThe 2015 Dallas employee of the year is Darryl Tolor.

Darryl Tolor is the employee of the year for the Dallas Branch in 2015. Darryl epitomizes what EDC looks for in in an employee. Darryl is the first one in the office every day and stays late until the work is done. He cares deeply about our customers, his performance, and equally so, his co-workers.

Darryl takes a personal interest in the well-being of his drivers. He is never one to get worked up, fed up, or short with anyone. Every single day he has a get-it-done attitude and helps everyone perform better at our jobs. You never get a “no” from Darryl. He will always exhaust all options with the best interest of the customer in mind. Darryl continually steps up in this way but never loses focus on the metrics that ensure the success of EDC. 

Most of you know that Darryl has been promoted to dispatch. When EDC had transitional challenges Darryl really showed his mettle. Darryl worked endless hours not only covering his own workload in transportation, but assisting customer service by taking over responsibility for key accounts on a temporary basis.  He did this without being asked, he simply knew it had to be done. Without his selfless approach EDC would have surely lost some of these customers. Darryl really showed his level of commitment to EDC and our customers.

Choosing Darryl for employee of the year couldn’t have been easier. Please join us in congratulating Darryl Tolor as the Dallas Employee of the Year.

Here is a list of previous winners for the Dallas Branch Employee of the Year

Steve Miller

Donny Patterson

Tim Carter

Charles Bradley

Juan Parr

Kathy Wafer

Carri Cater

Libby Vasquez





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