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Austin Employee of The year


Bennie Brooks

Ray PerezThe 2015 Austin employee of the year is Bennie Brooks.

For the past 5 years Bennie Brooks has been an outstanding example of a difference maker for EDC. Due to the varied nature of our business lines it can be difficult for one person to accommodate all of our clients’ needs and must have’s.  Bennie’s years of experience and can do attitude has equipped him to meet or in most cases exceed our Clients expectations. 

Bennie says that “It’s the small things that make the difference between a good job and a great job”. A prime example of this level of service is with our Office Moves.  As the Destination Supervisor it is Bennie’s job to leave the Client with a smile. Two of Bennie’s favorite little things is to make sure the carpets have been vacuumed and the furniture has a fresh coat of polish. Bennie says it only takes a few minutes to do this but it leaves them with a smile.Mario with RCI Interiors said he has worked with a lot of Mover’s over the years and has never had this level of treatment.

Bennie’s can do attitude is not just reserved for the Austin Branch. Recently EDC Dallas had a load going to Mississippi that had to leave the following day. It was late in the day and Bennie was home for the evening. One hour later Bennie is packed and headed to Dallas to cover the load. Because of Bennie’s genuine care for our Clients and EDC, Bennie Brooks is the 2015 Difference Maker for Austin.

Here is a list of previous winners for the Austin Branch Employee of the Year

Ray Perez

Earl Kennedy

Claude Maloney

David Hartman

Nick Cortez

Amber Jeter

Jose Vera

Raymond Perez

Araceli Perez

Jesse Smith


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