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Austin Employee of The year


Alex Taylor

Alex TaylorThe 2016 Austin employee of the year is Alex Taylor.

We are proud to announce Alex Taylor as employee of the year for Austin EDC. Alex has displayed the ability to go far and beyond his job description. He started as a driver and excelled in that position. We quickly realized he also had many other talents and abilities.

He was moved into the office as a CSR. After about a year in that position he has been moved into operations and oversees the cabinet CSR position as well. If you go by the branch on any given day it is not unusual to see him trying to help with other tasks.  Job well done Alex!  We are privileged to have him aboard.

Here is a list of previous winners for the Austin Branch Employee of the Year

Bennie Brooks

Ray Perez

Earl Kennedy

Claude Maloney

David Hartman

Nick Cortez

Amber Jeter

Jose Vera

Raymond Perez

Araceli Perez

Jesse Smith


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